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Standing Orders & C/T's

Your members can have payments from a bank, employer or social welfare office paid directly into their credit union account by electronic transfer.

Standing Orders & C/T's

Your members can have payments from a bank, employer or social welfare office paid directly into their credit union account by electronic transfer.

EFT’s incl. Direct Debits

Your members can easily pay bills and transfer money in a safe and secure way without having use their bank.

EFT’s incl. Direct Debits

Your members can easily pay bills and transfer money in a safe and secure way without having use their bank.

Future Payments Developments

As a 'Not for Profit', CUSOP will invest any surplus income in the development of Bespoke Credit Union products.

Future Payments Developments

As a ‘Not for Profit’, CUSOP will invest any surplus income in the development of Bespoke Credit Union products.
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Waterford CU Testimonial

March 14th, 2019|Comments Off on Waterford CU Testimonial

Please see the below testimonial from Waterford Credit Union on switching to CUSOP from a recent CU Focus article.


“We were one of the first credit unions to use CUSOP in 2014, initially for outward credit transfers and subsequently we were the pilot credit union for direct debits, in March 2015. The CUSOP team made the transfer very smooth, being available on site in our office for training alongside our ITS provider Wellington, for conference calls and always at the end of the phone if needed, no matter what the query. Through our partnership with CUSOP, it has allowed us to provide key additional services to our members. We feel that this has led to an increase in our membership in recent times, enabling us to provide new services that are required across the board for all age groups. Providing these new services has put us at the forefront of the financial services industry and put us on a level playing field with mainstream banks. We would highly recommend CUSOP to any credit union who would like to advance to the next level.”

Peter Walsh, Manager - , New Ross Credit Union Ltd.

“We will shortly be coming up to our third anniversary of on boarding. Both CUSOP and our IT suppliers, Wellington, have worked together to enable us to significantly expand the payment options available to our members, while at the same time allowing us to automate many of our back office operations. We found the initial process and the subsequent add on of new services, such as Direct Debits, to be quite seamless. We look forward to working with CUSOP and Wellington in the future as we seek to deliver additional services and payment options to our members in the most cost effective manner. It would not be possible for us to provide the choices that our members demand without CUSOP and I would encourage any Credit Unions who have not already done so to join”

Des Morrissey CEO, Tallaght West Credit Union
“Cutting costs, growing membership and building the loan book are all priority objectives for credit unions.We are advocates of CUSOP as it will assist us in raising profile, increasing awareness, enhancing our service offering and fulfilling those fundamental objectives. As a movement, we should work together to ensure that concepts such as CUSOP are implemented and maximised to full potential. We own it so let’s make it work for the benefit of all.”
Vivienne Keavey, Malahide Credit Union
“Signing up to CUSOP is helping us to provide additional services to members of all ages and attract new members. The help we received from the CUSOP team was tremendous and the ‘after-sale service’ equally as good. I would seriously urge any credit union that has not signed up to do so immediately.”
“Since the fall in the public confidence in the banks, our members have increasingly enquired about services such as EFT, direct debits, credit cards, and online banking whether PC based or using a mobile app.In addition, they are looking to credit unions, such as ours, to provide a real alternative to the banks. We believe that CUSOP has opened the door for us to introduce these and more new services to members, raise our profile in the community, and grow our loan book. I must also mention with gratitude the support and advice received from all levels within both our IT provider and CUSOP in the lead up to and after go-live.”
“I found the on-boarding due diligence a great exercise for us as a Credit Union to experience. It covered all topical areas of the business and forced us to work together towards having all our paperwork i.e. Policies, Procedures and Plans updated and in order to ensure we were organised for the process.Keith and John completed our due diligence and they were highly skilled in their field, professional, courteous and most of all friendly during their visit to our offices. Roscommon Credit Union Ltd has definitely strengthened from the experience and we look forward to going live with CUSOP in the near future.”
“Every credit union big or small should sign up immediately. Even though we are a small credit union we understand the importance of providing electronic payments as a service to our community in Slane. We must cater for the demands of our members and the younger generation will not accept anything less. The longer term benefits will accrue to Slane in terms of growing our active membership base and this will more than outweigh the cost of providing the service. The system is easy to use. It’s as simple as putting on the light.”
Barbara Markey, Slane Credit Union
“We on boarded with CUSOP in November, we found the whole process simple and straightforward with great support from the CUSOP team. Our members are delighted with the increase levels in our service and we would recommend any Credit Union that is not currently signed up to CUSOP to seriously consider joining.”
Michael Carlin, Cobh Credit Union

“Clonmel CU commenced its EFT system using a CUSOP competitor back in 2010. We had also signed up to support the establishment of CUSOP at this time. During this time we became increasingly comfortable in staying with BNP. The two key concerns we had about swapping from BNP were:
a. Would it resolve our existing problem with the bulk standing order process via BOI and AIB which was causing double administration and expense?
b. Would the whole process be messy?

When we became aware of the ability of CUSOP to lift and shift the standing orders from our then Bank we decided to make the move {which addressed (a) above}.
Looking back now that the process has been completed and everything is up and running; we sit back and wonder why we did not move sooner.

The engagement process with the CUSOP team went like a dream. They were friendly, helpful and guided us through the process. There was some form filling but nothing that would worry you. The transfer across of the BNP inbound credits was seamless (no difference at our end). The bulk lift of the Standing Orders that previously came via our bank also went without any difficulty.

Clonmel Credit Union had always been keen to support the development of Credit Union owned and run systems. Being just a customer of a bank is a much different proposition. However we only moved when we were confident that what we would be moving to was equal to or better than the service we had already.

I would recommend all credit unions that have a BNP platform to look again at CUSOP and make the move.”

“Monaghan on boarded with CUSOP in May 2015 and are delighted with the credit transfer and direct debit facilities we can offer our members as a result. The recent addition of the outgoing file around midday which usually delivers same day value is another benefit to our members. CUSOP personnel guided us diligently through the onboarding process and proactively worked with us in the first few weeks. The operation runs smoothly. Communications from CUSOP are timely. The various meetings we have attended have provided us with necessary and encouraging information. Our experience of dealing with CUSOP personnel is that they effectively facilitate the smooth operation of the platform. We are looking forward to the ability to offer debit card facilities facilitated by CUSOP to our members. We would strongly recommend CUSOP as a platform”
Regina Connolly, Manager, Monaghan Credit Union Ltd.
“Since joining CUSOP, we have been able to offer our members the facility to transfer funds conveniently and securely to all SEPA reachable accounts. The members are seeing the benefits of this service and it has become a part of their day to day financial transactions. The ability to set-up direct debits from your credit union account has greatly enhanced the service available to our members. From a staff administration point of view, it is a seamless process that works well from start to finish.”
Caitríona Sinnott, Risk Manager & Compliance Officer, Donegal Town Credit Union
“We have been using now CUSOP for over a year. The on boarding process was seamless and the ability to bulk
switch our existing incoming standing orders was a great advantage. Members now have access to their incoming
credits a day earlier than the old system through our BOI account and it’s great to able to tell a member that a loan
drawn down during the working day will normally be in their bank account that evening.
The system certainly brings us on a level playing field with anything that the mainstream banks offer.”
Nick Murphy, Manager, Athboy Credit Union Ltd.
“The additional services provided through CUSOP have contributed significantly to our growth and strategic development. We believe that our members deserve a full range of financial services and a credible alternative to banks and CUSOP enhances our ability to do this. Holding a bank account will soon become a choice and not a necessity and CUSOP is at the forefront of making this a reality. We wholeheartedly endorse CUSOP and urge all credit unions to please sign up. There is strength in unity.”
Joe Currid, Manager, Boyle Credit Union Ltd.
“We are very glad that we took the decision to sign up with CUSOP. It has enabled us to offer vital additional services to our members. Because of these new services we have experienced an increase in membership especially in the younger age group who are fundamental to our survival in the community. The on boarding process was smooth and efficient and we continue to receive positive feedback from our members.”
Anne McInerney, Manager, Gort Credit Union Ltd.

“We moved over to CUSOP from a competitor in November 2015 and I have to say the experience was flawless. The CUSOP team were diligent and very thorough in their approach. The whole process was seamless and easy to execute and the training received was of a very high standard. The back up support is second to none and the team is always available if required. The changeover of old standing orders from our current account was executed and has decreased the amount of work involved in processing same.”

Catherine Egan, Manager, Athlone Credit Union Ltd.

“Carrickmacross Credit Union joined CUSOP in February 2014 offering our members the facility to transfer funds through Credit Transfer. In August 2015 we enhanced these facilities by offering our members Direct Debits. The transition to CUSOP ran smoothly. CUSOP transferred our old 801 Standing Orders automatically to the IBAN process, which reduced our workload. The daily operation of transactions and the reconciliation runs smoothly. Each week we can see the increase in our CUSOP transactions, which indicates the convenience of the service for our members.
The back up support is excellent, there is always someone at the end of the phone to resolve any query in a fast and efficient manner. CUSOP also facilitate User Group Meetings giving us an opportunity to learn of any updates being rolled out and the opportunity to interact with other CUSOP Users. We look forward to the introduction of Debit Cards from CUSOP as another service we can provide to our members.”

Noeleen Byrne, Member Services Officer,, Carrickmacross Credit Union