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The results are in !!!

CUSOP has engaged an external company to independently survey CUSOP credit unions that are using the CUSOP Electronic Payments service. This survey was conducted over January and early February 2015. The results are being consolidated and are already showing that CUSOP Credit Unions are extremely happy with the service provided and would recommend it to other credit unions. In addition they are already seeing the benefits being passed on to their members and can now more effectively position themselves in direct competition with the banks.

Part of the survey was to also ask those credit unions that were about to ‘go live’ the reasons they chose to on-board and this is what they have said

‘EFT technologies is key to the future of Credit Unions, it is a necessity to ensure we can continue to provide a service that continues to attract current and target members’.

With more credit unions connected to an Electronic Payments Service than any other provider in the state, CUSOP is going from strength to strength and we have set ourselves a target to have over 100 Credit unions live by year end. We intend to continue this customer feedback process as a tool for driving continuous improvement within our operations.

As we grow, we continue to focus on increasing the number of advocates, those who would unreservedly recommend us to others and mobilise them to share their positive experience.

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