CUSOP Christmas & New Year processing arrangements:

It’s that time of the year again and we just want to let you know what the CUSOP payment processing arrangements are for Christmas and the New Year, in good time.

Please see the table below:


As you can see, ECB’s Target 2 process (European Clearing & Settlement)  will be closed on Monday 26th of December and as a consequence there will be no processing of SEPA payments on this day. Target 2 is open on all other weekdays which means that any files received, both incoming and outgoing, by Danske Bank on these days will be processed. CUSOP will be closed for operational support on Irish Bank Holidays although any files received from Danske Bank or Credit Unions will be processed.

Christmas Eve is a normal Saturday from the point of view of file transmission so there will be no incoming files and if you send us an outgoing file through your ITSP the CUSOP Hub will accept it and remit it through the next available cycle. In this case, it will be on Tuesday morning, 27th December.

Operational support (phone: 01 614 6980 email: ) will be available from CUSOP on business days marked in green.

In summary:

  • Green: Full operational services on Christmas Eve, 29th & 30th December and from 3rd January
    • Incoming credits to Credit Unions at 06.00, 08.00, 13.00 & 16.00
    • Outgoing credits from Credit Unions at 10.00, 13.40 & 16.30
  • Amber: Credit Unions may receive incoming files on all days except 26th December and the CUSOP system will transmit outgoing files if received (no operational support)
  • Red:      No payment services inwards or outwards